Yet another Word Game

Snailed it!

I was recently on parental leave and decided to learn something new. I’m primarily a backend engineer and know just enough front end to make myself dangerous (or break things terribly). I decided to learn React for an upcoming work project.

My first stop was a course on React. The company I work for gives us free access to Udemy. The course I took was; React - The Complete Guide (incl Hooks, React Router, Redux) by Maximilian Schwarzmüller (which I cannot recommend highly enough).

So when I went on parental leave I tried to spend a couple of hours each week building something (time was in short suppy, so this was time when I was putting our son to bed etc)

I have always had an idea for a word game (I looked at my github history and I thought of this idea back in 2013 and created a repo but never did anything with it).

So I created an app that had a Sinatra backend serving up Word Puzzles and a React front end (all hosted on Heroku, since that was the fastest way to get up and running).

I will have a deeper dive into the app at some future point but here is the first version (still pretty rough). Front-end development is a paradigm shift from backend development and I definitely learned a lot (and made a lost of mistakes)